Offering Conservatorships, Personal Representative of Estates and Family Fiduciary Support


Court-Appointed Conservatorships

Nationally known as guardian of the estate or property, a conservator is appointed by a court to manage the assets and financial affairs of a person the court has deemed incapacitated. The conservator is responsible for managing all financial obligations of the individual and must file an inventory and annual accountings with the court.

At CFS, we truly are client-focused. We take great pride in providing a superior level of service while adhering to high ethical standards.  We take the time to get to know the unique needs, values, and preferences of our clients.  We work to maintain or restore independent functioning to the fullest extent possible, while protecting the best interests of each client.

As a Conservator, CFS may:

  • Develop customized client plans with attorneys, financial advisors, certified public accountants, and real estate agents
  • Hold estate sales
  • Work with a guardian to facilitate moves to assisted living facilities
  • Assist with the buying/selling of homes, cars, and other property
  • Prepare and implement budgets and reduce financial obligations 
  • Negotiate with collection agencies
  • Prepare applications for public assistance
  • Assess client financial and property needs